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        Industry trends

          Problems needing attention before starting blowing molding

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          1. Close the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment leaks electricity, preheat the barrel and mold according to the set process temperature requirements, and keep the temperature for more than 20 minutes when the barrel temperature reaches the process temperature, so as to ensure the temperature of all parts of the barrel is uniform.
          2. Open the cooling water valve of the oil cooler, cool the oil return and water delivery pipe, start the oil pump by inching. If no abnormality is found, the oil pump can be officially started. Only when the screen shows "motor on", can the operation be started. Pay attention to the reverse of the motor and check whether the function of the safety valve is normal.
          3. Manually start the screw rotation to check whether the screw rotation sound is abnormal or stuck.
          4. The operator must use the safety door. If the travel switch of the safety door fails, it is not allowed to start the machine and operate without the safety door (cover).