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          How to become an blowing molding process engineer?

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          Blowing engineering is a complex project, which involves raw materials, injection machinery and peripheral equipment, blowing mold, product quality, raw materials and product performance test, etc. Therefore, it requires injection engineers to have rich professional theoretical knowledge and skills to be competent for their jobs.
          As an blowing molding engineer, he should master the following professional theoretical knowledge and skills:
          1. Knowledge of mechanical drawing
          Be able to understand product drawings, check product size and appearance according to drawing requirements, and skillfully use CAD, UG, Pro-E and other drawing software.
          2. Rich knowledge of raw materials
          Familiar with physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, processing methods and processing characteristics of various materials. All kinds of blowing materials used in the production of the enterprise should be well known, and we can also have a preliminary understanding of the blowing materials that have not been used by the enterprise for the time being. Be able to understand the table of physical properties of raw materials, understand the significance of the values in the table of physical properties and the corresponding test methods, and make a simple comparison of raw materials with different properties and brands.
          3. Familiar with composition, structure principle and operation method of blowing molding machine and peripheral equipment
          Understand the significance of technical parameters of blowing molding machine and peripheral equipment, and select the blowing molding machine and peripheral equipment according to the technical parameters. For the key structural parts (such as the clamping system,blowing system and operating system of the blowing molding machine), key parts (such as oil cylinder, hinge, screw, barrel, etc.) should be very clear.
          As an blowing molding engineer, it is not enough to be familiar with the structure and use characteristics of different types of blowing molding machines, and to be able to manipulate and use them skillfully, which is an essential basic skill for each blowing molding engineer. The blowing engineer who can't adjust the blowing molding machine by hand is just a theorist and can't grasp the essence of the blowing molding process.
          As an blowing molding engineer, we must also understand the significance of the technical parameters of blowing molding equipment, compare and evaluate the blowing molding equipment of different manufacturers and models according to the technical parameters of blowing molding equipment, and assist enterprises in the selection and purchase of blowing molding equipment. This is not only the responsibility of blowing molding engineer, but also the professional knowledge and ability that blowing molding engineer should have.
          4. Familiar with the structure of blowing mold and the working principle of each part, familiar with the correct use of mold
          And maintenance methods, the structural design of blowing products and mold design knowledge should also have a certain understanding. As an blowing molding engineer, it is necessary to understand the knowledge of blowing product design and mold design. Because many product defects in blowing molding production are caused by unreasonable product design or mold design. Without such knowledge and experience, the blowing molding engineer cannot analyze the causes of defects and make reasonable suggestions Weidi wants to improve through the adjustment of injection molding process, which can't solve the problem.
          As an blowing molding engineer, you should be familiar with the mold structure, use and maintenance methods, so that you can use it correctly in production, and the blowing foreman or technician will give guidance. As a mature blowing molding engineer, his understanding of the pouring system of the mold, his knowledge and experience in the way of blowing, the size of the flow channel, the size, quantity and location of the gate, the setting of the cold well, etc., are more than that of the mold designer.